Upper Left Roasters

Upper Left Roasters is a beautiful new café and roastery in Ladd’s Addition, Portland.

We partnered with The Pressure to bring Upper Left’s brand and the look and feel of their space to the web. The result was a fun, irreverent design—including a proposal to uniquely position photos for each visitor.

This was a fast project. The café had just opened, and we needed to get up and running quickly. Fortunately, The Pressure was able to get Aaron Wojack to capture some incredible images during the soft opening, so we were armed with a great library of photos.

We set out to create a lightweight but extensible site on KirbyCMS. Katherine and her employees could all log in and update the menu, current roasts, hours, and photos.

As part of our effort to promote key pieces of information throughout the site, we chose to answer the question “Are they open?” with the first bit of text you see. The site interprets the current schedule of open hours and supplies the visitor with a concise description of whether the café is open, and for how much longer.

There’s already speculation that Upper Left is going to start selling coffee online, so stay tuned! ☕️