ScriptEd Staff Page

ScriptEd is growing (and hiring)!

We first built in Summer of 2013 for Maurya Couvares and Becca Novak. At that time, the dynamic duo had just a handful of volunteers and a few dozen students. This school year, they have 188 volunteers and are going to reach over 900 students!

We are totally humbled to have been a long-term partner in their growth on the web, and are moved by their increasing influence.

Our latest update to the site is a new staff page, showcasing ScriptEd’s talented and diverse full-time team members.

We’re excited to have built and evolved a platform that has been so receptive to extension. Congratulations, ScriptEd!

P.S. While you’re combing over their team, go ahead and hit that big ol’ orange “Donate” button. 😉