Recurring donations for ScriptEd

Here’s a nice note to end summer on: we’ve pushed out a big batch of changes to ScriptEd’s website! 🔨

One of the most common requests we received after launching the site was for the option to make recurring donations. So, we looked into integrating more tightly with Stripe. We were able to set up a number of “plans” and pass these options on to the donor within the same donation form. It’s pretty slick.

The donor still gets a confirmation email (with the additional details), and the website will always show when the next scheduled payment will be made—you can even cancel the donation, right there.

Of course, this meant untangling some old knots, which culminated in a broader effort to make the site more robust, secure, and extensible.


  1. Totally refactored the bulk of our custom Wordpress theme’s logic, extracting functionality into static classes;
  2. Added the Kirby Toolkit, which we’ve grown fond of while working with KirbyCMS;
  3. Adopted Capistrano and switched to using Wordpress as a submodule;
  4. Secured all sensitive or stage-specific settings (like API Keys) with Apache SetEnv directives;
  5. Switched to Gulp and moved all JavaScript into the CommonJS structure we’ve embraced elsewhere.

In the midst of the changes, we were able to scare out a few performance bugs, too—altogether, this renewed our interest in Wordpress.