ScriptEd Website

ScriptEd is a New York-based non-profit that makes technology education available to underserved high school students. Their charter to create access to careers in technology has been near and dear to us, from the moment they floated across our radar.

In 2013, Maurya Couvares and Rebecca Novak set out to break deep-seated social inequities in the technology industry. This summer, we joined them to build the brand and online platform they needed to represent their work and growth in the coming years.

The story and mission of ScriptEd is split across two “narrative” pages, composed of a variety of predefined blocks. While simple on the surface, the site is actually rather deep—the main navigation, while trim, acts as a gateway to a wide variety of news, resources, and information. We made sure every page looked perfect and worked well on all screens.

In addition to demonstrating ScriptEd’s impact, the site also needed to function as a source for generating revenue and recruiting talented staff and volunteers. As a result, our work had many potential audiences, and balancing the needs of each was a challenge.

When it made sense, we weren’t afraid to use external tools (like Google Forms for volunteer intake), but we’re proud to have built some of the most special experiences from scratch. For instance, the new donation form is a custom Stripe integration with Wordpress that validates payments and generates confirmation pages and emails.